TOPは わたし の もの です

semi hiatus

seungripls replied to your post: since when did tumblr decided to limit…

hahhaha yeah tumblr has a 10asks/hour message limit, but you can still go on submit or fanmail to send messages :)) OMG 5AM? GO TO SLEEP GIRL !!! have a good night bro <3


goodnight :)

since when did tumblr decided to limit visiting peeps’ askbox? 

I didn’t get the memo! ;;;;;;;;;;;

anyhow, I just wanna say…sure, that’s okay :) lol this is me trying to convey words even though I’m about to pass out cause it’s 5am already :3

no-8 replied to your post: no-8 said:Hi Kristal ^^ *hugs yo…

Of course I do ^^

/clings onto you/ :)

no-8: "Hi Kristal ^^ *hugs you real tight* would you please send this to the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going? Make someone’s day with a hug (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ) ♥"

ohmygosh you remember my REAL name /blushes/ :)

sure! and thanks btw… /HUUUUUGS you back/